Saturday, January 31, 2009

Parliament plays poker: McGregor

If you want to read about the negotiations in the halls of Parliament that effectively forced the City and ATU 279 to reach a deal before they could be legislated back to work, look no further than Ottawa Citizen hill reporter Glen McGregor's story in today's edition.

McGregor conveys a sense of cooperation in the House of Commons that, only eight weeks ago, would have been unforseeable. As far as can tell, this city's transit strike was the first time this calendar year that all parties on the Hill agreed about anything.

Oh, and you'll have to read the story to get the poker reference. It's all about bluffing and calling bluffs. Real dramatic stuff.


Unknown said...

McGregor writes one hell of a political thriller here. Dewar must have been sweating bullets.

Anonymous said...

Dewer would have had a very hard time keeping his seat if he--or his party--was seen to be obstructing a forced settlement.