Journal of Public Transit in Ottawa

The Public Transit in Ottawa Portal (PTOP) is pleased to announce the inaugural issue of the community-reviewed Journal of Public Transit in Ottawa (JPTO)is available for download today.

To download the journal, click here.

Table of Contents:

Editorial, pg. 3
At what point do we say that enough is enough, and get down to brass tacks about improving our public transit system?

Making high-speed rail work for Ottawa: Benefits and success factors, pg. 22
Kevin Stolarick, Ian Swain, and Patrick Adler of the Martin Prosperity Institute explain why Ottawa should integrate high-speed commuter rail into its public transit infrastructure.

The road ahead: Light-rail technology lessons learned in Edmonton and Waterloo, pg. 4
Scott Hindle looks at how Ottawa can learn from the recent transit-building experiences of Edmonton and Waterloo.

Looking back: The cancelled North-South light-rail plan, pg. 10
Peter Raaymakers of Public Transit in Ottawa looks back at the cancellation of Ottawa’s north-south light-rail plan and explores the consequences it had for Ottawans.

Transit on two wheels: Building cycling into the public transit system, pg. 15
Émilie Sartoretto and Travis Boisvenue look at how bicycles can complement the buses and trains that comprise Ottawa’s public transit system.

Bold steps for Ottawa-Gatineau public transit, pg. 33
Jevone Nicholas writes about how Ottawa and Gatineau can work together to provide transit users in the National Capital Region with the best service at the best price.

“Air rights” in Ottawa: Maximizing the value of public transit infrastructure, pg. 36
James Tompkins explains how establishing air rights above transit stations could both encourage transit-oriented development and generate revenue for Ottawa.

Exploring the case for a direct rail link between Ottawa and Cornwall, pg. 39
Harry Valentine explores the potential for commuter rail that reaches as far as Cornwall.