Wednesday, January 7, 2009

ATU 279 takes on Lowell Green

From a press release on ATU 279's strike website:
President Andre Cornellier and the Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 279 filed a complaint with the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council challenging the appropriateness of comments made by CFRA talk radio host Lowell Green.


On December 12, 2008, Mr. Green publicly encouraged his listening audience to attend at, and picket the OC Transpo Annual Christmas Party. Mr. Green made no effort to discourage the many callers who promoted violence against the members of the Union attending the Christmas Party.


By making the public comments that he did, the Union alleges that Mr. Green has violated a number of sections of the CAB Code of Ethics. Both Mr. Green and CFRA have been found to have failed to meet the requirements of the Code of Ethics in the past for the very same reasons that have led the Union to file this complaint.


Anonymous said...

The Editor:

Would it not make more sense if the City of Ottawa and the ATU got back to the bargaining table rather then all of us having to listen and read the disagreements and dirty laundry being aired on 580 CFRA and in local newspapers on a daily and hourly basis?

The ATU and City can't negotiate if all they do is listen to others.

I don't live in your city, but, I can't come shop or visit without transit because I'm not mobile at this time. I'm sure there are many others like myself. I'm not paying exuberant cab fares from the train station to anywhere I want to go.

A media blackout must be imposed and the collective bargaining must begin.

Get back to the table.

Greg Adams

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong...
Wasn't the dear head of the union threatening that damage equipment would result if replacement workers were hired? This "gentleman" has planned this for the holidays, while city coucil was off... making the strike longer, further disrupting, and inconveniencing the general population.

On the day of the vote, many "no comment" remarks were given to media...
Of those who did attend, 75% (approx) of drivers voted for the strike. Strong-arm tactics have been used to force drivers to vote against it (fear tactics, from what I heard). Those who said no comment were either not wanting union to know they voted for the offer, or union backers who did not want to be recognized by ridership as one who voted against a more than generous offer.

The ATU needs to get in touch with reality. Most employers do not give NEAR the benefits that OC drivers get. Every 3 years, the same song and dance, around the same time... Enough is enough. Time for the City to dispose of this over-powerfull union. If you don't want to work, quit, and find an empoyer who will over-pay you, and give in to your ridiculous demands.

Well, this has turned into a rant...

3 years ago, a driver was whining about drivers having to do split shifts.... and oooh, the hardships, and they need hazard pay like fire department/police...
Only hazard they have is pulling strikes like this, running early, causing customers to miss connections (They needlessly put themselves in "harms" way). The girl at McDonalds working minimum wage does split shifts. She has probably same if not more risk: There's cash in the stores: She risks holdup too, and being SHOT.
Yes, she has to deal with drunks too. Anyways, our fine driver didn't take into consideration when he's soap-boxing he may be talking to one who had lost their job due to a ATU strike (costs more to get to work than wages pay). I may need correction on this... but Paratranspo drivers are paied less, for a more strenuous job with MUCH poorer conditions.

Could someone else verify if my facts are straight: Starting pay for OC transpo is higher than that of Fire department? Does this make ANY sense? $23+ /hr starting wage? Give me a break. PLUS their obscene benefits? AND ability to work for less hours than they're being payed for playing with split shifts?

Anonymous said...

I am a bus driver, and I dont give a damn what you people think. I make more money than you losers anyway, I work less hours than you. That all makes me smarter than you. You may think you're smarter but you work more hours for less money, who's smarter?

Anonymous said...

any loser can drive a bus

Anonymous said...
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