Thursday, January 15, 2009

Council to resume marathon in-camera session Thursday morning

After going through several hours of in-camera discussion surrounding the city's ongoing transit strike and council's position on it, councillors were recessed at some time between 8 or 9 p.m. with intentions to resume the in-camera discussions at 11 a.m. Thursday morning, and--one assumes--hold votes on some issues afterwards.

There was some confusion with the in-camera session, as the city's Webcast of the council meeting continued after council was recessed with no note of any change. When contacted about the meeting, several councillors responded, some with differing reports on when, exactly, council did decide to recess. In direct e-mails to TransitOttawa, Gloucester-Southgate Councillor Diane Deans said that they recessed at "about 9 p.m.", while College Ward Councillor Rick Chiarelli said that the recess came "just after 8:00pm".

Whichever the case, TransitOttawa will continue our exclusive LiveBlog coverage of the council meeting tomorrow at around 11 a.m., so be sure to visit the site for updates, and feel free to comment as the LiveBlog goes on.


Anonymous said...

Funny how a ten hour city council meeting is a marathon but a thirteen and a half hour spread is just another day at work for a bus operator.

Jon D. said...

Go have a look at the mock schedule, it took my 5 minutes sifting through the hundreds of shifts to find one that started and ended 13 hours and 9 minutes apart.

Klaus said...

The mock schedule is no longer accessible at

Jon D. said...

Good thing I saved it:

Anonymous said...

Find out to how ATU has abused the system for past 12 years:

Latest from Ottawa Sun.

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