Monday, January 26, 2009

"Cornellier sounds like a guy who's enjoying the strike"

... So concludes David Reevely over at the Citizen's Greater Ottawa blog under a post entitled "Why ATU's so unpopular". Referring to a quote in this story, Reevely goes on:
I'm not a credentialled expert in labour negotiations, but I'm fairly sure that being openly contemptuous of an offer from the other side that you haven't even seen isn't on the cheat sheet in the back of the textbook. Especially when it looks as though the other side is finally starting to bend off a position that was previously absurdly rigid, you want to give them a chance to save some face. The two sides could well be able to get a deal done, but not if one side insists that the other come begging.

Cornellier sounds like a guy who's enjoying the strike.

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Anonymous said...

He'll speak with such disrespect to the public then complain that the public won't be showing the proper respect to driver's when they comeback. It's being this kind attitude from the union and some driver's over the year's that has contributed to such poor support for them.