Friday, January 2, 2009

Details on union vote trickle through

From the Ottawa Citizen website:

Officials at the Canada Industrial Relations Board cannot say yet when they will hold a vote by the membership of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 279, who have been on strike since Dec. 10.

Sylvie Riverin, communications manager at the board, said board employees are working as fast as they can to get the vote going and a time may be scheduled later today but, more likely, it will be Monday before arrangements for the vote will be finalized.

Later on, the story said that the Canada Industrial Relations Board is looking for public submissions. Details are in bold text below.

Ms. Ambrose also ordered board officials to determine what, if any, service union members must provide during the strike.

Board officials are trying to determine if public health or safety has been put at risk because of the strike, which has completely shut down regular transit service in the city.

If they determine the strike has affected public health or safety, they can order union members to provide some specific transit service during the general labour stoppage.

They are asking members of the public to make submissions on the issue. If you would like to do so, the board can be contacted by email at:; by fax at 613-941-4461; by regular mail or by hand at Canada Industrial Relations Board, Regional Director, C.D. Howe Building, 4th Floor West, 240 Sparks Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0X8.


Anonymous said...

Given the weather history of the region, if we can make it through the next 24 days or so, in all likelihood the whole thing will be moot. The worst of the winter weather/rush will be over and done with, business that could not go black in December (as many must) will be out of business, and the rest of us will find easier ways of commuting involving bikes and walking. Those who don't can continue to use the alternate commuting/car pooling methods they set up in December on a day or two notice.

The union can survive on their $25/day until next November rolls around.

I think the OC union has made a good case for the city, even during christmas, even during exams, even during some of the worst weather the city can throw at a, even during a major international sporting event, not needing OC Transpo at all in it's current form.

Disband the whole goddamn thing.

Anonymous said...

ATU argued that the strike has not been long enough, so let them walk ...