Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Last of an old guard is retired

We all remember them: The OC Transpo buses with pink vinyl seats. Simultaneously slippery and yet unrelentingly sticky, and brutally hot in the summer. According to user ikarus8737 on the OC Transpo livejournal, they're now a thing of the past:
This is slightly old news but worth noting: The old school, white with red stripe livery, slidey yet sticky, peach colored seat bus era has ended with the retirement of the last of the MCI/Novabus "Classic " model buses.
I can't say I'm overly disappointed, but it's a funny note. Read through the journal thread; many operators and other staff, most of whom are pretty nostalgic about the "Classics". It's also worth noting that the OC Transpo fleet, according to the same user, is now a very modern one.


Anonymous said...

Good. Riddance.

Spezzal Teams Playa said...

What about the even older model, with the door at the very back?

I'm sure I rode one as recently as last summer.

You know the ones, with the sideways bench near the back that was elevated so high that anyone sitting opposite could not help but look up the skirt of any poor girl who sat there.

Compared to those, the Classic model is modern.

Ryan Grant said...

these were great buses in terms of performance and reliability such as the bus displayed above the 1993 NovaBus classic was in service from 1993 to 2010 and was only retired because of the low floor act. these buses were great and helped many express riders home there last few years