Friday, July 30, 2010

OC Transpo's customer service appreciation

According to the Ottawa Citizen, OC Transpo is going to hold a series of customer appreciation days in August, at the following locations:
  • Aug. 9 - Terry Fox Station
  • Aug. 11 - Fallowfield Station
  • Aug. 13 - South Keys Station
  • Aug. 17 - Hurdman Station
  • Aug. 19 - Place d’Orléans Station
Refreshments, prizes, free stuff... but sadly, no free rides.


Ali said...

You want to appreciate the Customers?

How about apologizing for what you have done, last December, where Hundreds where left stranded, because you were too greedy to do your 70,000 a year, not to mention the benefits that comes with it?

how about that for "appreciation" ?

WJM said...

Apparently there are no customers to appreciate in the city centre, nor any customers to appreciate who are using transit for any purpose other than their morning commute to work.

Yet another day at Olways Clueless Transpo.

RealGrouchy said...

They should call it a 'consultation,' too. Since those tend to be just as meaningless as this 'appreciation' exercise.

- RG>

SEA said...

My reaction... after I was done wiping the coffee I sprayed all over my laptop:

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