Thursday, December 18, 2008

Commuters: Patience is a virtue

The Sun reports today in a small news hit that commuters had a pretty smooth ride to work today, but that it won't last long:
A snowstorm expected to dump up to 10 cms on the region overnight is to be followed by another, more substantial, snowfall on Sunday. Total accumulations -- including the 10 cm which fell on Wednesday -- could be in the 40-50 cm range, and strong winds are expected to whip the snow around creating poor visibility.
Get this, though. The Citizen is being quite a bit more sensational than its print-media counterpart in a story headlined "Weather watchers warn of 'snow-mageddon'":
Wednesday morning was commuter hell in Ottawa and across much of southern Ontario, but it may have just been a warm-up for the “snow-mageddon” headed our way as two new storms fix their sights on the province.
Be patient, commuters. It could be a long few days.

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Anonymous said...

I'm taking a Greyhound bus tomorrow at 6:30. Between the weather and the strike, I think we'll be lucky to make it out of Ottawa by midnight.