Wednesday, December 24, 2008

UPDATE: Limited injunction on picketers at World Juniors


The City of Ottawa is going to court to try to stop striking transit workers from picketing one of the venues for the world junior hockey championship when the tournament starts on Friday.

The city's lawyers will be seeking an injunction to block picketing by the Amalgamated Transit Union, and have a court hearing on the matter scheduled for 10 a.m. Wednesday, said a memo from city solicitor Rick O'Connor to city council Tuesday.
The article was also in the Ottawa Citizen and the Ottawa Sun. More information on the results of the court appearance will be posted when it becomes available.

UPDATE: has reported that rather than fully allow or disallow picketers at the world junior hockey championships, the two sides were able to come to a compromise:
A small number of pickets with the union representing transit workers will be allowed, and only in specific areas, outside one of the venues for the world junior hockey championship as the tournament opens in Ottawa this Friday.

As a transit strike was in its 15th day Wednesday, Justice Charles Hackland of the Ontario Superior Court ruled that a total of 80 pickets will be allowed at the city-owned Ottawa Civic Centre Arena, one of two venues for the tournament Dec. 26 to Jan. 5:
  • Ten pickets at each of the four entrances of the city-owned Ottawa Civic Arena.
  • Ten pickets at each of the four entrances of Lansdowne Park, site of the arena.
The pickets are not allowed to block vehicle or pedestrian traffic, and must be set up for information purposes only.
I want to know why they can't come to a compromise on the more important issue. You know, the underlying strike.

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Michael said...

I hope that these picketers get swarmed by angry hockey fans. Maybe a few thousand hard snowballs will convince them they don't have our support. Everyone bring your hockey sticks!