Saturday, December 13, 2008

Common complaint from some students

"Especially at this time of year, with exams and Christmas," said [Algonquin College student Steve] Larocque. "I see why they're doing it, but I think the blame is mostly with the drivers."
That comes from this story in the Sun, the headline of which read "Tensions ride high as picket lines block students". Since there are so many thousands of students writing exams in this city during this strike, it is hardly surprising that they are being sucked into the debate and, as a result, characterized as taking sides.

It's nearly impossible to gauge the collective opinion of 35,000+ University of Ottawa students, 20,000+ Carleton students, and 12,000+ Algonquin students. Much media coverage suggests students' views are generally similar to those of Larocque -- annoyed, frustrated, and wishing the strike wasn't happening right now.

Also of note, this site's executive director was quoted in the story. He is far too modest to post that here, however.


Anonymous said...

I have to tell my son he will have to walk to and from school. Which will take him about 2 hrs. I am going to have to drive (not knowing Ottawa at all)to my new job and I am nervous as hell...
I am praying that the bus service will be back on route by Monday.

Lets think about others for the new year.

thank you;

worried parent.

Anonymous said...

a lost job because of the strike:
My heart really gets heavy when I think of those people that have lost their jobs already, my boyfriend being one of them! He worked in Kanata while we live in the central area, as taxing there is so extensive (about $80 a shift- less then he was making in a shift) and car pool drivers are slim. He could not get to work & therefore was let go. Now it is up to me to pay our bills for now, yet I am not sure how I will be able to afford to taxi to work either. So I’m praying for the buses back or money to fall from the sky to afford this hardship the OC Transpo drivers have put this city in. I hope something will be done soon.


A worried women in Ottawa Central

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