Friday, December 12, 2008

Free dailies with no bus-based readers?

These are today's editions of the two free dailies in Ottawa, Metro and 24 Hours. They continue to publish throughout the transit strike, obviously, but have they taken a readership hit? The bulk of their print readers sit on buses. Perhaps the papers have made it up by increasing their traffic online.


gardengirl said...

with them since this cannot be considered a reliable service. Selfish idiots have a heart. Charities are losing tons of money because of your greedy need to be able to work your schedule and gouge the system. I support the mayor 100% with his decision not to budge. You guys have had it. And we have had it with you! Vote already!

Anonymous said...

Ha-ha smart system. Senior driver has the right to choose the system.
1. Book days off for yourself (as many as you can)
2. Arrange it with your buddy that he does not show up for work (being sick).
3. Take the shift on your day off and get paid double.
4. Make 90K a year and let Cornellier talk about "dignity and respect".