Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Councillors want input on transit resumption plan

The Ottawa Sun reports that come councillors are upset about the City's plan to roll out buses because they charge that council didn't have enough input.

Some city councillors are "infuriated" that staff are telling them they can't make any further changes to the plan to restore transit service.

The councillors were reacting to an e-mail from deputy city manager Nancy Schepers sent this morning. The e-mail said in order to schedule drivers for the selected routes "this plan cannot be adjusted at committee on Wednesday."

The transit and transportation committees are meeting at City Hall beginning tomorrow morning to discuss the revised roll-out plan for buses announced yesterday.

Which councillors are frustrated, according to the Sun?

  • Kanata North councillor Marianne Wilkinson - "I find this infuriating."
  • River councillor Maria McRae - "I begin to wonder why we have to take all the blame when service is lacking and are being told we can't change anything!"
  • Knoxville-Merivale councillor Gord Hunter - "I still believe the damn Transitway routes could and should be running by Wednesday but I guess that opportunity has slipped."


Anonymous said...

Okay, seriously. In the weeds much?

Council's job is to set the policies and direction which governs the city, not to micromanage everything.

If anything, this further illustrates the need for an arms-length transit commission, at least in my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Isn't a huge part of the problem that council has too much input?

In other cities, commissions run the day to day operations while councils sets policy (as Adam stated) and budget. These commissions are answerable to their respective councils.