Friday, February 20, 2009

Deadline for December pass refunds Feb. 21

Looking at the Ottawa Metro, looks like the last day for interested parties to receive a refund for their December bus passes. According to the story, riders may be better served getting their refunds, paying half-price far for the remainder of February, and then purchasing a regular-priced March bus pass:

But, as alert transit rider Chris Siu pointed out Thursday, getting a full refund on the December pass ($81), paying half-price fare until the end of the month ($10), then buying a March pass for full price results in a savings of $21.60 for passengers.

Something to think about for transit users.


Thall said...

Wow. Thanks for the info. That is cheaper. I'm definitely doing it!

Anonymous said...

In lieu of a refund, on Feb 21st, Dec. pass holders were notified that they would be able to exchange their Dec bus passes for a free March bus pass that could be used also for the duration of Feb.

This free bus pass exchange could only be obtained on Feb 21st. There was no written indication of such, and I was notified one the day of while waiting in line. If you went on Feb 20th or Feb 22th to the sales counter, you would have gotten 60% off the March bus pass.

How is this fair for those who had no idea?