Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Buses back ahead of (rather arbitrary) schedule

The Ottawa Citizen tells us today that OC Transpo buses will be back earlier than next Monday. Indeed, they will be running as early as this Saturday. Apparently, enough buses will be tuned up to "meet the demands of [OC Transpo's] normal weekend schedule."

Read further in that story (or here, at the OC Transpo page) for a breakdown of when your bus route will be back. Weekday service will be reduced when commuters line up next Monday and it will take until the first week in April for all routes to be back running at full capacity.

Also in the news, the Sun reports on the small group of protesters that met mayor Larry O'Brien and OC Transpo general manager Alain Mercier when they greeted commuters on the O-Train as it revved up yesterday.

Finally, Mercier explains the service resumption plan to Sun Media:


Anonymous said...

Mercier seems apologetic when referin to the temporary "hub and spoke" system OC Transpo will be offering. Yet that is EXACTLY what experts in and outside of Ottawa have been arguing should be the norm for years! It's also the way any transit system with a rapid transit "spine" (like the Transitway, light rail or subway) is normally structured. Only Ottawa insists on running such a high number of long-distance express-hour routes on top of regular Transitway service that directly contributes to the downtown bus jams and driver overtime problem.

Dwight Williams said...

I dunno.

Maybe it is time to go to "hub and spoke"...?