Thursday, February 12, 2009

Taxi drivers accused of inflating city-sponsored chits

According to a report on, some taxi drivers may be facing charges for inflating fares from taxi chits the city had offered select residents to get around the city. Some of those chits cashed in by drivers were for fares of double what was expected, according to city staff. From the story:
Some drivers, she said, repeatedly cashed in vouchers worth $60-$70 during the strike — double the price of an average fare.

The city is looking at charging 18 of Ottawa's taxi drivers.

"We actually have enforcement staff with taxi meters in their cars," said [the city's chief by-law officer, Susan] Jones. "We know what a fare should be."

She says that by-law officers realized there was a need to investigate when the taxi chits being handed in by some drivers were $30 or $40 higher than they should be.

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Anonymous said...

These drivers should get charged under criminal offence. This is fraud. They Encourage other peoples to do that kind of fraud so if these drivers get punished then next time if someone ll try to do something they ll think first....
Taxi driver already make lot of cash money but don’t report to Revenue where other people pay lot of taxes Revenue should work on that too ....average income of taxi driver per year is $50,000 to $75,000......where they only show $30,000 and from there they show all of their expenses to save there taxes ......