Wednesday, September 29, 2010

LegoC Transpo, Lego-Train

Just a funny awesome transit-related news item from late last week: A Lego Public Transport Station. And they've got it right: Multi-modal system, complete with streetcars, buses, bike racks, parking, and... well, a street sweeper, for some reason. I'll be honest, I want one, although $139.99 is a little out of my price range.

(via The City Fix)


Unknown said...

I'd hand one over as a christmas Present to whoever wins the next Election, and takes charge of Public transit here in Ottawa to play around with, along with a map of Ottawa. maybe it'll help them make ENLIGHTENED decisions !


WJM said...

Wow. Lego comes up with a transit station with shelter for passengers.

How come the city just re-opened downtown Bus Crappid Transit stations, before the shelters arrived? (They did the same thing last year when they opened temporary Baseline station, also sans shelters.)

A transit station that is ready for vehicles, but not passengers, is not ready.

Dean said...

The worst part is the shelters are better designed. They cover the users all the way to the bus.

Dwight Williams said...

Out of my price range as well for the moment. But hopefully not so for others reading this!

WJM said...

Dean, the solution is obvious: give LEGO the contract to build any additions or retrofits to Ottawa's transit system.

It's pretty sad that a toy company can do better than a transit company.