Friday, October 4, 2013

uOttawa wanted its name on Lees LRT Station

If the University of Ottawa had its way, we would see "uOttawa - Canal" and "uOttawa - Lees" signs at LRT stations. According to the Citizen, the downtown university wanted both uOttawa and Lees LRT Stations to be named after the school.

The similar names can be confusing for new transit users and first-year Ottawa U students. Besides the school having an issue, there weren't any publicly known concerns raised with the name "Lees". The problem with naming it "uOttawa - Lees" is that Lees Ottawa U campus isn't the only destination the Confederation Line will serve. Existing high-rise apartments are in close proximity to the station and the city wants to intensify the surrounding area. Taking on the university's proposed name conflicts with the city's transit-oriented development goals, especially when the name of the school comes first.

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