Friday, October 11, 2013

New-look Confederation Line website provides construction updates

The official Confederation Line website was re-designed recently and is now providing updates on the construction progress.

Here's their update for this week:

West Portal

  • Removal of blasted rock and grubbing continues.
  • Assembly of the first roadheader is completed.
  • Blasting to excavate the ramp is completed.
  • Excavation with hoe ram is scheduled to be completed by October 9.
Central Shaft

  • Excavation continues.
  • Installation of caissons continues for the foundation of the gantry crane
  • Blasting at the central shaft is scheduled to begin by end of the week.
 East Portal

  • Surface excavation of the construction ramp continues.
 Highway 417

  • Sewer and storm sewer work continues along the length of the highway.
  • Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) work, including temporary poles and aerial wires, continues along the highway.
  • Removals of retaining walls and bridge work continues along the highway.

  • Demolition is scheduled to be completed by end of the week, with the exception of 737 Belfast Rd.
  • Grubbing and material removal off-site continues.

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