Monday, April 18, 2011

Southwest Transitway and Longfield Station now open

Big news for OC Transpo service in Barrhaven today, as the brand new Southwest Transitway extension opened yesterday for buses.

The leg continues the Transitway from the redesigned Fallowfield Station through the new Longfields Station to the Strandherd Park-n-Ride and finally the new Barrhaven Centre terminus. It's a massive undertaking that's been in the works for a few years, but will definitely improve service to Barrhaven (especially the new developments in the southwest of the suburb). Check out some photos and information on the Southwest extension here, here, or here.

With the new Transitway opening, there are also going to be some pretty substantial service changes in Barrhaven. The most notable change, aside from many buses (including the 95) now travelling down the Transitway rather than along Greenbank, is the extension of route 94 into Barrhaven.

Click the image above to see a larger image of the current Barrhaven service map, or click here to download a .PDF.

If you're a Barrhaven-based OC Transpo rider, how do you feel about these service changes?


Eric S. Smith said...

As someone who's used it a couple of times, I'm a bit bummed that the 176 doesn't seem to serve Fallowfield any more.

I hope that the re-jig has improved service for people who live near its new route.

Centretowner said...

Any downtowners want to go on a tour of these stations this weekend? $2.50 is a bargain price for a trip to experience a different culture.

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