Monday, April 19, 2010

Southwest Transitway Extension construction, part one

Took a walk around the current construction of the Southwest Transitway Extension, which includes a tunnel underneath Strandherd Avenue heading into the Barrhaven Marketplace. I've updated a few photos on the Transit Ottawa Flickr account; the one above is looking northwest towards the Strandherd Park'n'Ride.

A look the other way around, to the southeast, where there will (eventually) be a new transit hub at the southern endpoint of the Transitway.

I'll try and post some more photos of other parts of the project in the coming week.


Anonymous said...

Only in Ottawa would a mall be considered a transit hub. A real hub requires a mixed used development with lots of residential & employment that will generate transit use 7 days/week and 18 hours/day.

kEiThZ said...

Malls are great trip generators. So they do make sense as transit hubs. Even in Toronto that does happen. Scarborough Town Centre, Square One in Mississauga, Shopper's World in Brampton, etc. all malls which make great hubs.

Anonymous said...

Strandherd. *Shudder*

Anonymous said...

A $200 (+?) million hole, and not a peep from the fiscal conservatives who are going apoplectic at the possibility of spending $1.8-billion on a dumbed-down first-phase LRT.

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