Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fewer mechanical failures on OC Transpo

According to a report on the 580 CFRA website, mechanical failures at OC Transpo are becoming less frequent:

The quarterly performance report shows the lowest mechanical failure rate for the Transit Service in over a year.

OC Transpo says 99.38 per cent of scheduled vehicle hours were placed into service in the October to December period.

OC Transpo says the lowest mechanical failure rate in over a year reflects an increase in bus maintenance reliability.

It's great that service isn't interrupted as frequently because there are fewer mechanical problems. But honestly, this should be expected: OC Transpo is spending tens of millions of dollars modernizing the fleet, and there are likely tens of millions more to be spent in the coming year on double-decker buses. New buses require less maintenance than older ones, and older ones are being moved out of the fleet; those two factors combine to greatly reduce the mechanical problems. When the new OC Transpo garage is opened, it should be even less frequent for service to be interrupted.

That's not to take anything away from OC Transpo mechanics, as they're still most certainly doing hard work. But a more modern fleet and a state-of-the-art garage do make it easier on them.


Anonymous said...

Firstly, view any statistics provided by OC Transpo with a jaundiced eye.
Secondly, OC Transpo just replaced its entire fleet of 226 lemon articulated buses with brand new articulated buses, so obviously mechanical failures were down.

Anonymous said...

The new bus garage is open but three other garages will be closed for maintenance starting in June. Pincrest-closed, Merivale-closed, Swansea-closed. Lets see how the repairs will be after this brilliant plan takes effect.