Friday, April 1, 2011

Three bus operators on Ottawa's "Sunshine List" by earning over $100k

The Ottawa Sun published the city's annual Sunshine List on Thursday, revealing the city's employees who earned over $100,000 in 2010. Three OC Transpo bus operators made the list:
  • Balwant Narula, $100,492.08 plus $1,311.43 in taxable benefits
  • Francois Danis, $103,008.21 plus $1,324.44 in taxable benefits
  • Abdirizak Mohamed $104,827.53 plus $1,289.82 in taxable benefits
As far as I can tell, no bus operators pulled down six digits in 2009 (I'd guess the bus strike might have something to do with that), while one did in 2008. It will surely draw some ire from people, but I'm inclined to congratulate the operators above; I can hardly imagine how much overtime they must have worked in the year to earn that much.

UPDATE: A bunch more OC Transpo-related sunshine listers, these ones all managers and supervisors:
  • Alain Mercier (General Manager, Transit Services), $186,116.70 plus $7,511.55 in taxable benefits
  • William Atkinson (Chief, Transit Maintenance), $145,239.01 plus $12,224.13 in taxable benefits
  • Laurie Blackstone (Manager, Transit Operations), $122,574.84 plus $380.45 in taxable benefits
  • Stephane Carbonneau (Manager, Transit Capital Project & Facilities Maintenance), $113,190.13 plus $360.86 in taxable benefits
  • Lynne Huneault (Strategic Advisor, Transit Management-Union Relations), $111,860.23 plus $353.69 in taxable benefits
  • Robert Denault (Transit Supervisor), $110,813.34 plus $335.64 in taxable benefits
  • Pat Scrimgeour (Manager, Transit Service Design), $109,598.21 plus $359.58 in taxable benefits
  • Randy Guthro (Transit Supervisor), $102,994.56 plus $451.13 in taxable benefits
  • Wallace Devries (Transit Supervisor), $101,571.50 plus $335.64 in taxable benefits
There are also four "licensed mechanics" on the list, but I'm not sure if they work for OC Transpo or some other arm of the City of Ottawa.


getitstraight said...

1 of them is a body mechanic and you also failed to mention 3 supervisors seam a little one sided ...

Peter Raaymakers said...

Thanks for the correction, getitstraight. The document on the Sun website simply labelled them as "Bus Operator", so there's really no way I could have known the specific jobs these three perform. I will post a clarification.

Dean said...

How can divers put in that much overtime and not be driving tired and fatigued?

Police and firefighters who have high levels of fitness complain of fatigue and stress due to overtime.

former union steward said...

Peter: your comment that they must have worked a lot of overtime is too quick and too easy. Real money in a unionized work environment is made by staff with tons of seniority who game the system, choosing shifts carefully to pile on the bump ups. It's rather like scrabble, if you get a high scoring letter in a big word on a triple word score. But in scrabble, everyone has a chance; in a seniority driven environment, those opportunities are restricted to a select few. All the rest of the joes get to work shitty double shifts, split shifts, etc.

getitstraight said...

All employees who work in a company with a C.V.O.R are supposed to follow the W.R.R ,that Mr Baird legislated threw the Ministry of Transportation. OC Transpo is picking and chosing who can break the laws instead of making them all comply.Oc will tell you it`s ok for some but not other but they law say`s anybody who works for a company with a C.V.O.R...