Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One tube station: Only £180,000

This is kind of awesome.
As recently seen on BLDGBLOG, Transport for London has recently put up for auction the old Shoreditch Tube Station, which opened way back in 1869 but was shuttered up in 2006, for a listed price of £180,000. Just a 20-minute drive to downtown London (at least that's what Google Maps says), it's hard to believe there haven't yet been stories about it being sold.
I assume a developer might purchase the property for the land, and tear down the old building in favour of newer ones (you can be sure if it was in Ottawa, that's what would happen). But how awesome would retrofitting the main station building into an office be? Or even a house? Would make for a heck of a story, anyway.


gordon said...

Apparently, it sold at auction just a few days ago for 665,000. ( :)

Dwight Williams said...

If one managed to make such a buy, they could get free meals out of the story for the rest of their natural lifespan.

Dwight Williams said...

That said, I hope the original building doesn't get torn down.