Thursday, October 7, 2010

The proposed Ottawa subway, in perspective

Subway system of Seoul, South Korea

Subway system of Berlin, Germany

A few weeks ago, I saw a link (via Treehugger) to a set of to-scale illustrated renderings of the subway systems from major cities around the world. Above, you can see the subways of Seoul and Berlin. On US-based artist and urban planner Neil Freeman's website, you can see dozens more.

For the record, Ottawa's proposed 3.2 km subway would look something like this (although perhaps not as straight) when placed on the same scale:


It looks kind of funny on this scale, doesn't it?


Dwight Williams said...

"Lacking in scope and ambition" would be a fair critique, perhaps?

Jeremy said...

Gotta start somewhere...and to be fair:

Berlin population: 5 million

Seoul population: 12 million

Ottawa population: about 0.9 million

Jeremy said...

That Seoul system is impressive!

Couple links about it:

This seems to be the website for the system