Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Watch out, is watching your back

Just a note to readers who take the bus:

Craig Davey over at has updated bus schedules on his site. For those of you who haven't seen his site, it's a very useful tool that catalogues every schedule at every Transitway station and every street-side stop in the city.

So if you want to know when your bus of choice will pull in to any Transitway station or bus stop near or far, check it out. Craig has deliberately made the site very easy to use.


Unknown said...

The site's virtually useless if he can't resolve the Internet Explorer issues.

Firefox may be popular, however IE is still used by the vast majority of people.

Until he fixes that issue, I won't be checking his site.

dzuunmod said...

I just tried accessing the .net site three different ways, and each time I was redirected to

What gives with that?

Klaus Beltzner said...

I use Firefox and it works like a charm.

For a free Firefox download, go to

Kendrew said...

Make it into an iphone/ipod touch app and it'll be perfect for those without a data plan on their phone! (similar to the Red Rocket app for the TTC)

Dwight Williams said...

Firefox, Safari and Opera, usually, in order of preference. Occasionally, Netscape or older Mozilla builds. Never IE anymore.

And I can see the argument for an iPhone/iTouch app holding up.

Wassim said...

It works with the iPhone.

ericlussier said...

@dzuunmod Do you work for the government?

OCTranspo seems to have asked the government to redirect the .net site to the official one.

Underhanded, especially since the .net version is without a doubt a better way to get schedule information.