Wednesday, April 29, 2009 on CBC's Ottawa Morning will appear on CBC Radio One's Ottawa Morning at 7:15 a.m. tomorrow morning.

We will be discussing reaction to the proposed downtown transit tunnel as recommended by city staff. For more information, see our earlier coverage.

Also on the panel is local blogger and young journalist David McClelland, the man behind The Ottawa Project and also a colleague of mine and Peter's at the Fulcrum.

What do you think about the tunnel? Does it follow an acceptable route? Are there enough stations? Are they in the best locations? Is the timeline for the project (shovels in the ground by 2012, construction for four or five years) acceptable? Will funding come from the provincial or federal governments?

Here is a link [PDF] to the briefing.

Listen live here or at 91.5 FM in Ottawa.

The podcast is available here. See the transcribed interview here.


Anonymous said...

I think the tunnel is in a good set of locations. Having it curve north to the house of commons is good for tourism and on the way to Rideau, where lots of folks are going anyway.

They might want to consider in the future down the line, something to service stops along Carling underground. For example:

- Lebreton to Bronson/Carling
- Bronson/Carling to to the Civic Hospital
- Cut across the permiter of the experimental farm, and back underground to Algonquin/Baseline station.

That's not part of the plan, but a tunnel would be good along that route and used by many as well

Klaus said...

Nick - you did well.

Anonymous said...

$600+ million, work to start in 2012?

Too much, too late!