Friday, April 3, 2009

New direction for Ottawa city planning

About a year ago, Randall Denley posed a question to Ottawa's city planners: Are we a city, or a collection of suburbs? If the city's to-do list on stimulus projects is any indication, the current council has made up their mind: City.

From the Ottawa Citizen:

The City of Ottawa has created a “menu” of $640-million worth of projects from which the federal and provincial governments can pick when they want to spend infrastructure money to stimulate the economy.

The project lists, released Monday at city council’s economic affairs committee, assign top priority to public transit and give the lowest priority to new suburban roads. The lists include projects that can be built in the next two years to give the federal and provincial governments the job boost they hope to deliver with this year’s budgets. The federal government has four funds for which the city can apply for money.
The problem that seems to arise out of that is that it leaves existing infrastructural deficiencies in the suburbs unaddressed, but that's not that case, again according to the Citizen:

The transit projects include Transitway expansion from Fallowfield Drive to Barrhaven Town Centre, construction of a tunnel at Baseline transit station and the pedestrian overpass connecting Baseline Station to Algonquin College.


If the federal and provincial governments want to fund growth, new road projects include Hazeldean, Earl Armstrong, Limebank, Mer Bleue, Trim, Innes, Terry Fox and Hunt Club are offered up as road expansions that are ready to go.

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Anonymous said...

Councillors have no vision. All we have is a bunch of conniving, backstabbing politicians jockeying for position in the next mayoral race! They say public transit is a top priority yet they allowed us to go without it for two months in the middle of winter while they sniped at each other! And offered discounted extra parking as thought it was a viable solution to the transit strike.

Transit has been a "priority" for a while now but we haven't seen any significant improvements or results in the past few years. I can't wait until the next election!