Thursday, June 5, 2008

City transit committee defers route changes

At a meeting of the City's transit committee yesterday, changes were proposed to four of the most popular bus routes in Ottawa: 2, 3, 85, and 98.

While splitting of the 85 and 98 routes was voted through as a means of opening up space on rush-hour-strained buses, the changes to 2 and 3 were deferred for two weeks.

The problem? Some councillors were surprised by the necessity of turning Nicholas Street into a two-way thoroughfare between Laurier Avenue and Rideau Street. They also balked at the proposal because it would reduce on-street parking in the area by eight spaces to facilitate a bus loop for the newly split 2 route (paired with the new 12 route) and 3 route (paired with the new 9 route).

According to the Citizen story, the Downtown Rideau Business Improvement Association objected to the proposed changes to Nicholas Street.

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