Sunday, June 8, 2008

Chernushenko, part four: Suburban light rail a long-term project

Suburbs will have to wait their turn to receive light rail, says David Chernushenko, but a sustainable plan can still utilize more traditional modes of public transit.

"You get started by serving certain communities -- yes, some are going to be missed. The others become jealous, and then want theirs. That’s great," he says.

But improved service within Ottawa's outlying communities is key, says Chernushenko.

"We’re going to have to really, really improve the bus service that not only brings people from their suburb or rural home to that transit point where they can finish their trip on the train, but you actually have much better circular bus service that serves that village."

At the end of the process, suburban populations could be spending more time closer to home, although the option would be available to get downtown via a rail link.

"You can have people doing more within their community; not necessarily feeling like they always have to go downtown."


Part Four of David Chernushenko's Reflections on Ottawa Transit, a exclusive:

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