Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This seems like a bad idea, too...

A Montreal metro car running with one of its doors open.


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Cowardly Lion said...

I'm glad that you ended the discussion on the last thread Peter, as that was the first thing I talked about in my last response.

My question to you is, why did you have to delete my rebuttal? It not only served to end the discussion on it's own with irrefutable evidence of WJM's lies, it was compeletely on topic with the linked use of STO's Plani-bus to prove my point.

Leaving hi with the last word, that he checked and verified that the trip takes over an hour, is not only journalisticly suspect, it may reveal what WJM implied - that he is a revered member of your blog.

Not cool.

BTW, here is that link again that was needlessly deleted, showing the trip takes only 30 minutes.