Thursday, September 10, 2009

The City of Ottawa: A green destination

Sometimes when you live in the city of Ottawa, you forget just how nice this city can be. Sometimes all it takes is an outsider's perspective, though, and you're quickly reminded that this city has a lot of great attractions to offer--for vacationers or staycationers.

The Mother Nature Network recognized that fact, and recently proclaimed Ottawa as a green destination for travellers. They commended, among other things, Ottawa's alternative transit options--whether they be public transit, skating, walking, or biking. Here's what they had to say, but check out the article for ideas of things you may be taking for granted:

Ottawa has an expansive public transportation system. Buses and rail lines make it easy to get around year-round. A regional rail network connects Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. Because these cities have good public transit networks, it's possible to tour urban Quebec and Ontario without having to once step into a car.

Ottawa's compact size and user-friendly layout make it an ideal city to explore on foot. Many of the city's attractions are in the vicinity of the Parliament buildings. Ottawa Walking Tours offers guided two-hour sightseeing strolls in downtown Ottawa.

Bicycles are another form of convenient, low-impact transport in Ottawa. There are nearly 100 miles of bike paths throughout the city, and many roadways are bike-friendly. Even pedaling through the downtown area is relatively safe and straightforward.
They really make our city look like a heck of a place. Although it's easy to get frustrated with some of the decision-making processes in our city, it's still a nice place to be. Any tourists out there who'd like to comment on the city of Ottawa? Any residents feel differently than the Mother Nature Network?


jevy said...

We have so much potential. GHAAAAHHHHHHHHH.

.. the guide book should mention don't attempt to take the bus on Sundays. It will take you forever.

WJM said...

That's every day of the week, if you ride STO.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that last paragraph you included. Bike-friendly? Are they kidding? Once you are off the bike paths and onto the roads you are treated anything but in a friendly manner.
I use my bike for commuting as well as recreation and no, Ottawa is not yet bike friendly.
It will be interesting to see if biking through the winter will be realistic since paths aren't plowed.
patoooie to bike friendly.
Still do love Ottawa though.

Matt Fisher said...

Yes, Ottawa is a green city, thanks to the success of the Transitway and pathways. Ottawa is a real transit city, not just a pro-transit city. We are a leader in transit, thanks to our 20% of the population riding the bus every day.