Friday, July 31, 2009

Good news story for new light rail in Seattle

Maybe Ottawa will have as positive an experience in launching light-rail as Seattle has apparently had in the first week since opening its Central Link line (from Seattle Post-Intelligencer's transportation blog):
Sound Transit's Central Link Light rail averaged an estimated 12,000 riders boardings each weekday during it's first week of service, Sound Transit reported Thursday.

Another 16,900 boardings were recorded on the light rail last Saturday. About 15,100 were counted on the light rail Sunday, the agency reported.

The 14-mile line between Westlake Center and Tukwila opened on July 18.
It won't be for, what, over a decade, but here's to hoping.


WJM said...

Ottawa will not have rail transit before the 2030s at the earliest.

Maybe by then they'll have expanded the O-Train a little.

Keith said...

No need to be so pessimistic. I think the current plan is a good one. The timeline is a little slow. When it's eventually put into service in 7-8 years, it will change the face of urban transport in Ottawa.

...and it will do significantly better than the 12000 boardings each weekday that this new Seattle line is capturing. Even the current Transitway does better than that.

WJM said...

7-8 years?


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