Friday, July 17, 2009

Age cap on student bus passes should be revoked, says advisory committee to council

For several days, a growing group of university and college students in the city have made a lot of noise about an age limit that the city imposed on student bus passes in order to save money.

Last night, student leaders from the University of Ottawa presented their case to the city's pedestrian and transit advisory committee. They represented seven student unions in the Ottawa area representing just about every post-secondary student in town.

After a few minutes of presentations and procedural discussion, the committee unanimously supported the students' case and recommended in a motion that the City reverse its decision.

Student Federation of the University of Ottawa president Seamus Wolfe co-presented with Graduate Students' Association external commissioner Gaétan-Philippe Beaulière, and I had the chance to speak with Wolfe today on CHUO FM's Around the Block. Below is the interview in its entirety.

The students found support for their cause at the University of Ottawa's highest levels. Below is a letter sent by university president Allan Rock to Ottawa acting mayor Doug Thompson.

uOttawa Letter to Acting Mayor Doug Thompson_age Limit for Student Bus Passes


Virginie said...

Oooh! Good job, Alan Rock!

Jim Tam said...

Making noise is all it is, only a council with no backbone (and a bunch of wannabee mayors) could be imnpressed by a facebook group of students whining about violation of their human rights because they don't want to lose a lifelong special discount bus pass. Read the postings on the group, mainly an idiot who thinks it's a charter violation and a few other self-serving twits who have never been to a city council meeting let alone understand the fundamentals of our political system.

Anonymous said...

What does age have to do with education?

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