Monday, May 25, 2009

Preparing Tunney's Pasture for light-rail

The Ottawa Business Journal recently published an article on a report from the Department of Public Works and Government Services regarding their plans to renovate government building at Tunney's Pasture, a timely undertaking considering the fat that Ottawa's future light-rail line will have a terminus at the federal public service employment hub.

From OBJ:

Reconfiguring existing federal employment nodes such as Tunney's Pasture by rehabilitating old offices and constructing new buildings is one component of the federal government's ongoing review of its office space capacity in the National Capital Region, said Public Works spokesperson Lucie Brosseau.

"Tunney's Pasture will play a major role in accommodating federal employees over the next 25 years," she said, highlighting its "prime location" close to the Ottawa and Gatineau downtown cores and transit connections.

However, with municipal officials having already selected Tunney's Pasture as the preferred terminus of a future light-rail line, the city is relying on the federal government to redevelop the campus in a way that maximizes the rail link, observed Kitchissippi Coun. Christine Leadman, who represents the ward containing the federal complex.

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