Sunday, May 11, 2008

Public consultations unimpressive

Ottawa's recent round of six public consultations came and went with little fanfare, and few people even bothered to show up to most of the sessions. I feel a little guilty because I failed to get out to even one, but I simply didn't have the opportunity.

The final consultation was in Kanata at Holy Trinity High School, and the Ottawa Citizen says it was about par for the course with the other ones. Some people hated it, others liked it, but most people in the suburbs felt it wasn't fast enough. The main contention is that transfer from bus to train, which isn't going to be pleasant--especially in the dead of winter. There's also the price, which a lot see as a big issue, and it is. $4B is nothing to scoff at.

Click here for a synopsis of the second consultation at the OC Transpo headquarters, or here for one of the fifth one, at the Nepean Sportsplex.

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