Friday, April 25, 2008

Mixed views in latest consultations

The Ottawa Citizen is reporting "a lukewarm reception" during the most recent round of public consultations on the City of Ottawa's new transit plans. Proponents of the plan were excited at the speed of the light-rail system, while opponents thought that adding a transfer into the commute was counter-productive. A couple of opinions, from the story:

Andrew Easton said the underground tunnel is too expensive and the downtown core can't handle the pressure.

"It's garbage," he said of Option 4, adding he'd like to see O-train service from Eagleson Station to Trim Station.

But others, including Anthony Finch, were fans of the plan.

"I believe it's going to a lot faster going east and west," said Mr. Finch, who has lived in Ottawa for 28 years.

Earlier consultations had mixed results, too. (Stop the presses, this just in: you can't please everyone.) In the first round of consultations, the first three sessions were relatively positive, while the fourth--in Barrhaven--wasn't as positive.

Most concerning was the low showing at the sessions. If you're intereste, there are still four left, and you can see the time, date, and venue of each here.

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