Sunday, March 9, 2008 down when we need it most

Want to find out whether or not you can catch your bus tomorrow morning? Too bad. Anyone looking to get onto the OC Transpo's official website the afternoon/evening of Sunday, Feb. 9 is going to be a little disappointed. The site is down.

With the uncertainty surrounding the O-Train--which was out of service for much of Sunday--and whether or not people are going to be able to catch their buses on time to get to work Monday morning, people need to check the website. Increased traffic is probably why it crashed, but it's days like this when people most need to be able to check the site.

The site came back up at roughly 9:15 pm, with the only information about service disruptions being the following disclaimer:
All OC Transpo bus routes are experiencing major delays.
Transitway and major bus routes are operating on a 30 minute frequency.
Local bus routes are operating on a 60 minute frequency.
O-Train service is cancelled until further notice, due to storm conditions.
Para Transpo service is cancelled with only emergency service available. Reservations for Monday will proceed as normal.
So basically nothing. No information on possibly affected routes, no update on the rumoured closure of the Fallowfield Park'n'Ride (as reported on 580 CFRA), no updates on O-Train service.

I will do my best to offer more information and updates as they become available. It doesn't seem much information is being made available, however, which might be one reason why 70 per cent of Ottawa commuters still drive to work. Hopefully anyone looking for information on how to get downtown finds it on time.

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