Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Complaints, complaints, complaints against OC Transpo and STO

It seems like over the last few weeks we've seen a spat of articles about complaints made against our local transit authorities, OC Transpo and STO. Rather than delve into them one by one, it seems sensible to discuss them here.

Most of us remember the STO operator who was filmed doing paperwork while driving along one of Gatineau's busiest streets a couple of weeks ago. It looked like he was disciplined, but not fired, for the transgression. His union is working on protecting driver privacy by ensuring riders can't film drivers, but the Ottawa Citizen's David Reevely argues that the freedom to record drivers breaking rules (especially when they endanger the lives of the riders they're carrying) can be a pretty useful thing.

Don't think there haven't been complaints about OC Transpo, though. The Ottawa Citizen reported a few weeks ago that riders made 178 complaints about drivers using electronic devices behind the wheel between the year-long period from April 1, 2010, to March 31, 2011. ATU 279 president Garry Queale questioned the number of legitimate complaints in that pool and transit commissioner Keith Egli downplayed the number of complaints, while a letter-writer to the Citizen wondered why people would make up complaints about such a specific violation.

Finally, one OC Transpo operator is facing allegations that he left his bus idling while he picked up some "groceries" from the LCBO.

And, of course, Twitter and other social media are always filled with complaints about OC Transpo.

The problem with complaining about public transit is that, sometimes, the delay you're experiencing isn't anything that could have been avoided. Take the massive delays yesterday along the Transitway between Hurdman and Laurier Station due to a collision between a bus and a pedestrian. I saw the grisly aftermath of that collision as I took the bus down the roadway, but even seeing that didn't stop people on my bus from complaining. And that's disrespectful to the person who is now in critical condition, to the driver who's likely dealing with a lot of trauma of his own as a result of it, and it's a shame.

Next time you're complaining about OC Transpo service, take a minute to consider the possibility that it's not necessarily managerial incompetence that's made you a few minutes late.


Anonymous said...

I have no problem being a few minutes late. I do have a problem being an hour or more late .... and this is primarily due to the fact that the bus routes have been cut to the point that it is almost impossible to travel directly from point "A" to point "B" (a direct route) anywhere in the City. During peak hours riders should be able to travel direct routes to go to work. Instead riders are forced to take the only available routes that first travel the better part of the City, and then head off to their destination. This means that in order for OC Transpo to save money .... riders are forced to take anywhere from one to several hours to travel to and from work everyday. In my personal opinion OC Transpo offers the worst transit service in Canada, and quite possibly the US as well.

Unknown said...

OCTranspo Driver: Texting while driving.

Route Number and destination: 7 St. Laurent
Date of Incident: August 7, 2013
Location of Incident: Somerset & Bank St.
Incident Vehicle Number: 4461
Event Time: 18:35

The bus driver appeared to not have been paying attention as he slammed on the brakes (~20 meters after the Somerset/Bank St. intersection to stop at the bus stop), to which I was then projected forward beyond the yellow line. I looked over and saw the bus driver on his iPhone texting. He quickly hide his phone left of him.

I was upset enough that I wanted to file a complaint, hence why I wrote down this info. and time of incident... I am reporting it now, b/c of what happened yesterday AM... I am not implying anything here, but merely pointing out that 'safety' is key. I or someone else could have been injured while the bus driver was paying more attention to texting than public safety.

Details of incident
I am sadden by hear the terrible news and my condolences go to those who have lost their loved ones.

Anonymous said...

Last Thursday, April 17, 2014, I got on Bus Route No. 2 (Bus No. 4405), at Bank and Gloucester, around 6:15 p.m., as one customer got off that bus.

However, the female bus driver said to me that I could not get in, because the bus was full. I said that one passenger got off, so it means that another passenger, which was me, could get in. She said that she could not drive unless all passenger was located behind the front line of the Bus. I stood behind the line, anyway.

Then the bus driver apparently called the Security Officer on the phone. Then she said to me that the Security Officer was going to get me. I think that the female bus driver is being unreasonable. She should accept me, and she should not call the Security Officer for such a minor incident.

So, I got off at Bank and Lisgar, to avoid any problems with the Security Officer that she called on the phone.

However, I still feel that the female bus driver should be reprimanded by her boss, since she treated a paying customer, as someone that does not pay the fare.

I hope that OC Transpo will reprimand her for her childish action!


Anonymous said...

OC Transpo's service is getting worse and worse while their ticket price is getting higher and higher! People are paying the cost that the company wants, so to be fair enough follow the time they have given to the people so no one will expect for nothing. Another one is a lot of reckless OC drivers are going around in the city. Prioritize customer's safety and satisfaction.

Anonymous said...

Hi their I want to make a complaint about oc transpo I was at linkinfield station waiting for the bus it's my regular routine to go on the 172 bus at 8:36 this bus driver that had white mushtash he was their literally like half a second and that time I saw the bus and was gonna go on it he just left a soon as I got out of the building I was like what the hell man and also their was no 1 on the bus are they allow to do that if their is a # for oc transport I will make the complaint to their reception office and on top of that u guys don't even have good service and u planning to over charge us like u had good service don't u think ppl will be making good comment like I want to sue your as now don't matter what is the problem this thing happened to me to often

Unknown said...

I dnt like the fact tht there are no bus stop signs in mishawaka they say just stand on the corner and wave the driver down. I did tht was waiting for the 15b@4:20pm,10-6-2014. I had lots of bags in my hand so I waited at the bus bench instead in front Mcdonalds which was on the same side of street not very far. I stood there with my bags and waved down the driver he kept right on going. He looked right at me. This is horrible

TerryB said...

I am really worried that the upcoming new LRT station for the U of O will not feature a wide enough platform for the south/east bound side. Currently it is way to narrow and there are 2 stops for Ottawa U. What will happen when the LRT reduces the # of station from 2 to 1. I expect there will be some serious injuries/deaths unless the platform is widened. Unfortunately, no design info is available online.

Unknown said...

Problem date March 13 at 16:00 Or 4 pm bus 4445 Carling ave heading west near bays water.
I'm in the middle lane of a 3 lane section of Carling and a Female bus driver has stopped and is picking up passengers in the right lane. I'm watching for a signal lights because she may pull out. Well no signal lights and she pulls out but rather staying in her lane to stop at her next stop she comes into my lane and didn't even bother to check or stay in her lane. She almost forced me to hit the bus. Talk about distractions
98% of all the oc drivers are good safe drivers but the 2% that are dangerious are protected by this Notorious Union all I have to say is shame on you. Hey these people are supposed to be professional drivers and they carry the most precious cargo of all human beings

Anonymous said...

Hi today I was on the bus and the bus driver for the 85 bayshore at 8:19 he was racist to azn he is bold head and with classes little chubby why be a bus driver if u are racist u shouldn't be a bus driver when they say canada have no racist don't believe it u can't tell if they're racist if u wanna know how they are racist is the way they treat u and white ppl they don't treat us the same Or equal white ppl have more right then any immigrants.

Anonymous said...

On the Bus

Unknown said...

OC transport is a pitiful disgrace. Not only is there service completely flawed, but prices as too high and Customer Service is too rude. Any way you slice it there is nothing good to be said about OC transport and they Don.t even care enough to pretend they care.

Unknown said...

Anyone up for a protest?