Friday, October 17, 2008

Transitway work on track

According to a story in the Ottawa Citizen about work on Ottawa's highway 417 and the Transitway extension, construction in and around Bayshore Mall is on track:

"Work on the ramp and Richmond Road, part of the expansion of the Transitway, has gone well, Mr. [Brian] Wadden [the city's project manager] said.

"The project completion date is not until 2009, he said, but the contractor expects to get all the concrete work done this year and that would leave next year for work on the Transitway itself."

To see some photos of the project, check out this post and the Flickr badge on the left sidebar.

According to the story, the Transitway extension from Bayshore to Pinecrest Road will take place in March-August 2009, during which time buses will continue to use the Queensway to travel that route.

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