Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fed candidates say transit plan needs more rail

A little bit late on posting the news (okay, almost a month late), but the Ottawa Citizen reported that Ottawa-Orléans federal candidates Royal Galipeau (Conservative incumbent) and Marc Godbout (Liberal candidate) both stating that the current transit plan for Ottawa doesn't have enough rail included.

Mr. Galipeau, as quoted in the Citizen article:

"Buses are a Band-Aid solution. I think they're dead-set on buses. I don't think they really believe in light rail."
And Mr. Godbout, from the same article:

"We need long-term planning. ... Light rail, or a subway, should have been there, or at least planned, years ago."

They both suggest that light-rail should be extended to Orléans as quickly as possible.

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