Friday, January 17, 2014

Video shows roadheader digging at the east portal

Came across this video uploaded by Councillor Mathieu Fleury of a roadheader digging away at the eastern LRT portal. The video appears to be shot in early November since the woman explaining the work of the roadheader is seen wearing a poppy. To see machines in action, skip ahead to about the 50-second mark.

LRT East Portal Update from Mathieu Fleury on Vimeo.

For those not on Twitter, here's a photo of the tunnel provided by the City of Ottawa last week, reminding us how big this project really is:


Jim Louter said...

Thanks for this!

There is now a separate web page just for progress on the tunnel and all three roadheader machines at

Jim Louter said...

The western portal has been tunneled 170 meters and the eastern 12 meters as of the third week of January.