Thursday, January 20, 2011

OC Transpo addresses criticism, increases service to Scotiabank Place

A little more than a month after getting torn apart in the Ottawa Citizen for flawed, lacking service to Scotiabank Place on event nights, OC Transpo announced that they're improving service to the arena. From their press release (.PDF):
Connexion 400 buses depart every 10 minutes from Bayshore Station starting approximately one and half hours before game time. Travel time is about 15 minutes on Routes 402 and 406, and 28 minutes on Route 404. Getting to Bayshore Station is easy on Route 96, which travels via downtown and the Transitway. Catch your Connexion 400 bus at Bayshore stop 1A.
Previously, the buses departed every 15 minutes, but were consistently late (or just missing) and filled up very quickly. The change would mean, if my math serves me correctly, an extra three runs, which should certainly help people looking to get to The Bank for games or concerts.

And for people who don't use the Connexion 400 buses, this is still good news: It tells us that OC Transpo, and the city, can respond to persistent complaints and look for ways to solve the problems. Which is exactly what happened here, and it's a good sign. With this one addressed, there are still a few left to look into...


WJM said...

Maybe while they are at it, they can do something about the atrocious service on routes 1 and 7 whenever there is any big event on at Lansdowne.

Would it bankrupt OC Transpo to either put on some extra 1s and 7s those evenings, even if they are "shorted" at Rideau or Billings, and to run them on artics?

Anonymous said...

the reason why there are not enough 400 series busses is because the runs are not always covered there is no operator for the bus, even at overtime.

Anonymous said...

Yes your exactly right on the money with those facts!
Most game nights because of the hours of work and scheduling issues the City rammed down the operators throats has now backfired, so now they have to scramble to find enough operators to work the games at overtime if they can and not exceed there driving times!

Anonymous also!