Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cullen moves to sanitize hands on OC Transpo

Hygiene--identified as an issue for Ottawa's transit utility to improve--goes well beyond food wrappers on buses, I guess. A few days after OC Transpo management said they're looking at a possible food and drink ban on buses, Bay Ward Councillor Alex Cullen has proposed the city look into installing the alcohol-based sanitizers on all buses, according to the Ottawa Citizen.

From the Citizen:
The councillor for Bay ward and declared 2010 mayoral candidate says it's in the interest of public health to have the cleansers, which are usually rubbing-alcohol based, available to OC Transpo passengers.

"People get on, they touch the bar or the handrail, they touch their noses, they can get sick," Cullen said.

He says that at a city council transit committee meeting on June 17, he hopes his fellow councillors will agree to ask city staff to look into the idea in more detail.

Feel really strongly about the subject? You can, of course, make your comments known right here on Public Transit in Ottawa, but there's also a Facebook group called 'Sanitizers 4 OC Transpo' which you can join or comment on, if you'd like.

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