Monday, March 9, 2009 presents: The Advocates

Public Transit in Ottawa is unveiling a new feature here at bright and early tomorrow morning. We're calling it The Advocates, and it's purpose is just what you are likely thinking as you read the title.

Throughout the ever-depressing transit strike, there emerged several voices that kept the public calm. They were a voice of reason in a lot of ways, and anyone with Internet access could listen to them - or read their words, more accurately. They were columnists, concerned citizens, and long-standing transit advocates who appeared on blogs, in the news, and at public meetings.

We thought we might try to bring them together to contribute to the post-strike transit discussion. After all, there is much to discuss. Faithful transit users and news followers will know that.

Tomorrow, the first in a semi-regular series of discussions will appear here at We are operating the discussion in a fashion similar to that of the Ottawa Citizen's BlackBerry roundtable, wherein participants contribute to the debate on a "reply-all" basis to the group over a short-ish period of time.

Thanks for reading the site, and we hope you enjoy The Advocates.
(Oh, and many thanks to the roundtable's participants, too!)

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