Monday, March 9, 2009

The U-Pass: One more shot at council

The Student Federation of the University of Ottawa is planning something to promote its latest effort to secure a Universal Bus Pass for its students.

Check back here for details ...

UPDATE: For a primer on recent U-Pass news, check out this story in the Ottawa Citizen. The coverage is quite positive for the University of Ottawa, beginning with the headline ("U-Pass proposal gains speed").
The University of Ottawa — the city’s showpiece community for public transit — has seen a decline in transit use over the last six years, says the university co-ordinator in charge of transportation.
That coordinator is, of course, U of O transportation demand management program coordinator Danny Albert.

Both Albert and SFUO transit advocate Ted Horton - who was also recently elected to the student-union executive - were quoted and paraphrased at length in the story, which also consulted a couple of transit-friendly councillors in Alex Cullen and Clive Doucet.

The Citizen piece gives the impression that the U-Pass apparently has more momentum than in past months. But none of the plan's detractors are quoted, so it's still unclear how easy it will be for the U-Pass to be approved at the student-approved price of $125.

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