Saturday, November 22, 2008

Public initiatives: Keep The 23

In response to budgetary recommendations for OC Transpo route cuts, a group of interested individuals started up a website campaign to preserve the service of bus route #23.

The group, calling themselves Keep The 23 (, have launched an official website and are asking any sympathetic fellow riders to get involved by offering feedback to the city and/or distributing mini-flyers (which are available for download on the website) door-to-door in the neighbourhood.

Route 23 is an express-fare route that serves the communities of Chapel Hill South in the east end of Ottawa, bringing commuters directly through the downtown core. It is unknown whether or not the city would compensate for a cut of the 23 by re-directing another route through the area.

To get involved, visit the group's website to sign up for distributing flyers or offer encouragement, or offer your feedback directly to the city. For a map of Route 23, click here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Cutting the 23 would be an outrage. Incredible like one single action like this can bring together a whole community and spark angers against our elected officials.

Don't remove the 23.