Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Yasir Naqvi on Public Transit in Ottawa: Part One

Yasir Naqvi is a fan of alternative transit in Ottawa. As the MPP for Ottawa Centre, he's excited about the "liveable, walkable, and bikeable" nature of our community.

This past Monday, July 7, I sat down with Naqvi to discuss the most pressing issues that Ottawa is facing with regards to public transit. In the coming days and weeks, I'll be posting parts of the interview, including his thoughts on what makes a public transit system effective, a possible tunnel under downtown, light rail along the Ottawa River Parkway, provincial funding, cooperation with the Province of Quebec, and the now-cancelled North-South light-rail extension.

Naqvi had some very interesting things to say, so keep visiting TransitOttawa.ca or subscribe to the RSS feed (see the link at the top of the left bar). I'm also hoping to broadcast and podcast parts of the interview, and I'll offer more details of that as they come along.


Part One of Yasir Naqvi on Public Transit in Ottawa, a TransitOttawa.ca exclusive:

Part One: Introduction
Part Two: Effective Public Transit
Part Three: Provincial Funding
Part Four: The Cancelled North-South Line
Part Five: Subway is "a good idea"
Part Six: Rail on the Ottawa River Parkway
Part Seven: Bi-Provincial Partnerships

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