Monday, January 18, 2010

Press release: Journal of Public Transit in Ottawa to be released February 1, 2010


The Public Transit in Ottawa Portal (PTOP) is pleased to announce the publication of the first issue of the Journal of Public Transit in Ottawa (JPTO) on Monday, February 1, 2010. JPTO is a community-reviewed journal designed to address topics of relevance to public transit in and around the City of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and the National Capital Region (including related municipalities and the City of Gatineau). Articles address many issues relevant to public transit in the city, including the following:
  • What might the City of Ottawa have to do to integrate high-speed commuter rail into our public transit infrastructure? Kevin Stolarick, Ian Swain, and Patrick Adler of the University of Toronto's Martin Prosperity Institute look at some benefits and success factors.
  • Why did the City of Ottawa cancel the North-South Light-Rail extension project, and was it the right choice for the city's future? Peter Raaymakers of Public Transit in Ottawa looks back on the plan and its cancellation.
  • How might the City of Ottawa encourage transit-oriented development and increase the purse for public transit at the same time? James Tompkins looks at the prospects of developing air rights above transit stations in the city.
  • What kind of lessons can the City of Ottawa learn from similarly-sized cities, such as Edmonton and Waterloo, while embarking on its multi-billion dollar transit expansion? Scott Hindle looks at what might be gathered.
  • The cities of Ottawa and Gatineau share significant infrastructural resources, so how can the two municipalities integrate their transit systems for the benefit of citizens, commuters, and their respective budgets' bottom lines? Jevone Nicholas looks at some of the realities, and some of the possibilities.
  • How does OC Transpo, and other transit utilities, treat different riders differently? Chris Bradshaw looks at the dichotomy between "captive" and "choice" transit riders.
  • The City of Ottawa launched a successful Bixi bicycle-rental pilot project this past summer. Travis Boisvenue and Emilie Sartoretto look at how the City of Ottawa can complement the public transit system by better incorporating cycling into the equation.
  • How far should the City of Ottawa go in looking to serve commuters with the transit system? Harry Valentine looks at how the city can build a link between Ottawa and outlying communities as far away as Cornwall.

JPTO will be available free for electronic download at, or a printed copy can be purchased with a cheque or money order payable to Public Transit in Ottawa for $5.00 (Canadian funds, shipping and handling included for orders within Canada). For more information or with media inquiries, please contact Peter Raaymakers, Executive Director of Public Transit in Ottawa and Managing Editor of the Journal of Public Transit in Ottawa at

Contact information:
Peter Raaymakers
Managing Editor, Journal of Public Transit in Ottawa
Executive Director, Public Transit in Ottawa
(613) 866-6490

Nick Taylor-Vaisey
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Public Transit in Ottawa
Senior Writer, Public Transit in Ottawa
(613) 422-4982


Anonymous said...

Your website is very informative, organized and professional. I think it is a good way of reaching out to Ottawa Citizens about our transit system. Bravo!

And I am certain the readers of your publication will also benefit. Those with limited internet access especially.

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Excellent post and writing style. Bookmarked.